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You are not the only one. Just Say “YES” to Life! show you that no matter where you are in life there is hope for you. Find out more about those in the book.

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You don’t have to get back up on your feet just once. You will have to do it again and again but it is worth it.

Behind the Stories

Asa Pollard Stroke Survivor

Asa Pollard

“Don’t let the stroke define who you are. You are still in charge of your life even though it may look different than it did before.”

Alesha Goodman Stroke Survivor

Alesha Goodman

“I once threw a canister of my supplement powder at the wall and dented it. That’s something I can’t imagine ever doing before my stroke, but it’s just another part of my recovery to work on.”

Angie Kirk Stroke Survivor

Angie Kirk

“I’ve never given up, and neither should anyone else.”

Deborah McMahon Stroke Survivor

Deborah McMahon

“I don’t like to bother people with my needs,

but I learned I do need to ask for help.”

Keith Taylor Stroke Survivor

Ron Lusk

“We are stroke warriors, not just stroke survivors!”

Michael Erwin Stroke Survivor

Michael Erwin

“I needed to understand that this was a brain injury, not a body injury. It heals on a different timeline.”

Geoff Babb Stroke Survivor

Geoff Babb

“I discovered how much I wanted to make a difference.”

Marcia Moran Stroke Survivor

Marcia Moran

“Never. Give. Up. Ever. … And keep looking for new treatments!”

Joyce Hoffman Stroke Survivor

Joyce Hoffman

“The stroke has given me more patience, more empathy towards others.”

Jim Patterson Stroke Survivor

Jim Patterson

“Rehab is a rebuilding of the information super highway. It’s a reconnecting and rewiring of your brain, which I’ve learned through this process is one of the most amazing organs ever made.”

Ralph Preston Stroke Survivor

Ralph Preston

“Acceptance does not mean rolling over and giving up. It means dealing with the reality you have to deal with.”

Steve Boatwright Stroke Survivor

Steve Boatwright

“There is a future for stroke survivors. We don’t have to feel like outcasts. All of us can do something.”

Orlena Fong-Shek Stroke Survivor

Orlena Shek

“Wash away the heaviness that lines The contours of your soul Until it’s as light as an alabaster sunset. Forest fires may burn amid a pandemic. During times like this, You fight to rewrite each story into a triumph.”

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Monza Naff Stroke Survivor

Monza Naff

“Don’t lose heart, don’t lose heart.”

Angel Garcia Stroke Survivor

Angel Garcia

“Hit rehab as hard you can within the first year. Statistics show that’s when the bulk of your recovery occurs.”

Keith Taylor Stroke Survivor

Keith Taylor

“Find a new passion to move toward. Then move that direction. Once you do this, you will be on your way to an exciting and prosperous life after stroke.”

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Roz Dapar Stroke Survivor

Roz Dapar

“You are not alone. Never give up. Embrace the person you are today. Celebrate every single step of progress that you make.”

Keith Taylor Stroke Survivor

Kim O’Kelley-Leigh

“You have no idea what’s coming. It’s a big unknown, but I was determined to make a full recovery, and take the journey with joy.”

Alan Wick Stroke Survivor

Alan Wick

“You have to get professional help from a therapist in a style that suits you. It doesn’t matter what technique they use. Find somebody where there is trust and chemistry, somebody you can say anything to, and you won’t be judged. Spend the money. Get professional help. It’s crucial.”

Gunner Mench Stroke Survivor

Gunner Mench

“I try a lot of things and if something gives me a positive response, I stay with it.”

Photo of Ellen Santasiero


It’s an honor to be involved in this project. Not only did I learn about the signs of stroke and its effects, but I am continually inspired by the courage and determination of stroke survivors who are prevailing over devastating odds.

Beverly Hall Stroke Survivor

Beverly Hall

“You will get tired and frustrated and upset, but your attitude is vital to recovery. Don’t focus on what you can’t do—focus on what you are able to do.”

Tom Baniwicz Stroke Survivor

Tom Baniewicz

“You’ve got to work at your therapy every day at home, too.”

Diane M Barnes Stroke Survivor

Diane M. Barnes

“The myth of the one-year recovery comes from our system. Most everyone has a long recovery period. Never give up. Never stop looking for services. Never listen to anyone who says you can’t get better.”

Debra Meyerson Stroke Survivor

Debra E. Meyerson

“Don’t give up on your ability to do something that is meaningful.”

Lawnae Hunter Stroke Survivor

Lawnae Hunter

“Life throws you some tough stuff, but it’s how you react that counts. I want to model for my grandchildren that you can get through anything.”

Steve Van Houten Stroke Survivor

Steve Van Houten

“If you don’t know that you can do it anymore, you just take the next step …”

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